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My favorite spreadsheets and trackers!

Simple Business Tracker

This Simple Business Tracker is used to easily track your revenues and expenses monthly. This sheet is perfect to prepare you for tax season.

Debt Tracker

This debt tracker has made paying down debt fun. I never thought that would be possible. Grab your favorite colored marker and draw in those lines.

2021 Business Budget

This tracker features a month by month spread of revenues and expenses for 2021. It makes it easy to visualize what you're spending each week. You can print this budget or use it electronically.

Charge, Remit and File the GST/HST from Sales in Ontario

If you're a sole proprietor of a small business in Ontario, Canada and you're unsure of how to charge, track and remit your sales tax, then you're in the right place. This video can be useful for other provinces in Canada as well, but if you're from British Columbia, Manitoba or Quebec, I recommend you consulting your local bookkeeper, accountant, tax professional or CRA member to learn more about the Provincial Sales Tax (PST/QST). Topics in this video:...

I'm here to help!

I purchased one of your spreadsheets, but I'm not sure how to use it.
I'm currently filming several videos, one of which I show and explain how to use each of my spreadsheets. Stay tuned.
How can I stay organized with my bookkeeping?
I recommend that you follow me on Instagram: OpenBookCa. I have posted recently about my tips and tricks on how to stay organized with your small business bookkeeping.
Which bookkeeping platform do you use/recommend?
I'm currently filming several videos, one of which I go in depth about the platforms that I use/have used, love and recommend. Stay tuned.
I'm from British Columbia, does your bookkeeping advice still apply to me?
I talk about the information that I've learned and gathered as an individual living in Ontario. Some rules and scenarios are applicable in other provinces, but I would still recommend consulting with a local bookkeeper or accountant to help you with your specific needs.
I have NO idea what to gather for tax season.
I'm currently filming several videos, one of which I show and explain what to collect and organize for tax season for your small business. Stay tuned.
Can I leave a review about your spreadsheet(s)?
Of course! I appreciate all of the feedback you provide. You can simply leave your reviews on my Etsy page. The option will appear in the Purchases section under your transaction.