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Charge, Remit and File the GST/HST from Sales in Ontario


If you're a sole proprietor of a small business in Ontario, Canada and you're unsure of how to charge, track and remit your sales tax, then you're in the right place. This video can be useful for other provinces in Canada as well, but if you're from British Columbia, Manitoba or Quebec, I recommend you consulting your local bookkeeper, accountant, tax professional or CRA member to learn more about the Provincial Sales Tax (PST/QST).

Topics in this video:

  • Going over the definition of GST/HST.
  • Determining if you need to register and start charging GST/HST (Type of supply, the $30,000 rule and voluntary registration).
  • Registering and managing a business CRA account (Showing you how to do so on the CRA website).
  • Registering and managing a GST/HST account (Showing you how to do so on the CRA website). Also showing you how to file and pay a GST/HST return.
  • Tracking the GST/HST from your sales (Showing you what it looks like on Shopify and on Etsy). I also go over easy ways to calculate the sales tax if you only sell your products or services in only your province. If you sell to multiple provinces, then I explain to you what it entails, and go over if you need to register for a PST (Provincial Sales Tax). 
  • Remittance Frequency (How often and when do you need to pay and file your GST/HST remittance).

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